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"Arizona artist Kathy Klein channels her spirituality and love of nature into stunning, geometric designs made from a colorful array of plant life.
Reminiscent of the ephemeral sand mandalas found in Tibetan Buddhism, Klein calls the meticulous works of art “danmalas,” which is the blending of two Sankrit words: dān (“the giver”) and mālā (“garland of flowers”).
Klein made her first danmala in 2010 using pepperseggplants and tomatoes sourced from her family farm, where she collects most of her materials. Affectionately nicknamed “Beloved Gardens,” the farm boasts a diverse collection of flora, including everything from fruit orchards to exotic flowering plants.
As a devoted practitioner of meditation, Klein believes “the danmalas remind us all to listen to the unheard voice of nature, creation and the eternal mystery.”
Because the nature of each danmala is so temporary, photography is used to preserve and share her work with others. Archival quality prints and greeting cards are available for purchase at the danmala website, and you can explore more of her work in the photos below.”

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When I finished reading I said to myself, “No fucking way!”  Clever… very clever.  You win this time.  

This is by far the greatest post in existence.  You can all go home.  I am in pure awe at the brilliance of this.  The world is beautiful and there is hope for humanity.  


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